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How Long Delta-8 May Stay in Your System


Delta-8 is a product that has been all the rage lately, matching the growing popularity of CBD and THC. The product is known for its ability to help counter stress and support a relaxing feeling throughout your day. With the right recommended servings, found on the label of Delta-8 products, you should experience: 

  • Promoted feelings of relaxation
  • Stimulation of the senses
  • Supportive feelings of comfort
  • Stimulated mind and appetite 
  • Stress support

Delta-8 comes in several forms ranging from gummies to dip and more. Each Delta-8 product comes with its own specific uses and benefits and its own potencies. The diverse catalog and effects on different users make it more difficult to pin down a specific amount of time Delta-8 stays in your system. This may be a problem for you since Delta-8 contains THC, which has metabolites that affect drug tests. Delta-8 may not be as strong as Delta-9, but it will still cause a drug test failure. 

How Long Before the Effects of Delta-8 Kick In?

How Long Before the Effects of Delta-8 Kick In?

Compared to your average hemp and cannabis products, Delta-8 THC actually has a bit of a delayed reaction. The standard tincture for THC requires around half an hour, but Delta-8 may need closer to an hour to kick in. Like gummies and vapes, other products have similar delayed times that lead to their effects. Vapes and oils last shorter times than the slow digestion of gummies and capsules.

But how long the THC can be detected relies on several factors, and there is a difference between how long you feel the effects of THC and how long it can be detected. The effects of Delta-8 may fade, but its presence in your bloodstream may still be detected. 

How Long Do Delta-8’s Effects Last?

The exact length of time Delta-8 may remain in your body depends on several factors. Most of them pertain to a person's specific body. But there are still factors that can be measured, such as: 

Your Biological Age

This is obvious since the more you age, the slower your metabolic rate begins to slow down over time. It's something doctors make sure to consider whenever checking on patients, and it affects anything you consume, from food to medication and more. Clearing out the Delta-8 from your system may take a few days for young adults but twice as much time for the older crowd. The occasional exception is, of course, possible, but this is the general case. 

Genetics and Metabolism

Your body’s individual ability to metabolize and clear out Delta-8 plays a big part in how long it stays in the body. The liver, in particular, is the organ that handles Delta-8’s metabolization. A healthy liver means the substance is cleared out faster using the liver enzymes. However, the enzymes used vary from person to person, so those with high amounts metabolize faster. 

How You Take Delta-8

Different methods of taking Delta-8 are processed by the body differently and take different amounts of time to metabolize. For example, vape and smoked delta-8 are taken directly into the lungs and take effect much more quickly since they have a clear line to the bloodstream. But they also leave the body faster with ingested forms of Delta-8 requiring longer to be processed since they need to be digested then processed at a much slower rate. 

How Often You Take Delta-8

It goes without saying that the more often Delta-8 is used, the harder it is to cleanse THC from the body. THC accumulates over time, so the effects will begin to linger longer when you continue taking it repeatedly in a short amount of time. When you stop using Delta-8, the body returns to normal over time. But when used too frequently, Delta-8 may be detected in your urine for up to weeks at a time. As a side note, how much Delta-8 you take at any given time will have the same effects. Larger serving sizes need more time to clear from the body, and you should also be sure to pay attention to potency for any Delta-8 you take. 

Ways to Detoxify the Body and Cleanse THC

If you have a drug test coming up or just want to be THC-free, then you’ll need to follow some simple steps to get rid of the metabolites in your system. Here are some easy tips to help you cleanse THC from your body:

  • Stop taking Delta-8, obviously, since taking any Delta-8 products will just introduce more THC into your system. 
  • Eat well to make sure your metabolism is in full swing, and your body is expelling any metabolites quickly and naturally. 
  • Get a good night’s sleep since a rested body metabolizes things faster. 
  • Drink plenty of water to flush out your system. 
  • Exercise regularly, if you can, to help the processes in your body work faster and boost your metabolism.