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What Does CBD Oil Cost and Why?


The reputation of cannabidiol (CBD) has grown over the last few years, and so has the availability of CBD products. Many people who start their CBD journey wonder: “How much does CBD oil cost?” It's not a definitive answer - it depends on many things. With so much variation in the business, determining which products are genuinely worth the price can be tricky.

To simplify this process, we've prepared a guide to help break down CBD’s cost based on certain markers. The final product costs depend on several different features, like the type CBD, its potency, and, ultimately, the quality of the CBD (plant). Let’s go over each of these now.

How Much Does CBD Oil Cost?

How Much does CBD Oil Cost?

To find the cost per milligram of a CBD product, divide the product’s price by its potency. For example, a bottle of CBD oil that costs $75 and contains a total of 2,000mg of CBD costs $0.037 per mg. The price will vary by brands, but the average cost lands somewhere between $0.05 to $0.20 per mg of CBD. If you’re spending more than $0.20 per mg of CBD, you may be overpaying. However for saving money and time it's better to get products. We have worked hard to create different collections for our beloved customers like fuego full spectrum hemp dip bundle, cinnamon CBD dip bundle or fizzy bubble CBD shisha. Full Spectrum CBD oil will cost more than the same product in 1000MG, and it' very logical.

CBD Oil Price Comparison

In the following price comparison, you can see the average cost per mg of CBD for some popular brands, arranged from lowest (i.e., best value) to highest.

  • Flora
    • Average cost per mg CBD: $0.03
    • CBD oil price range: $40–$115
  • CBD MD
    • Average cost per mg CBD: $0.07
    • CBD oil price range: $29.99–$339.99
    • Average cost per mg CBD: $0.09
    • CBD oil price range: $39–$129
  • Charlotte’s Web
    • Average cost per mg CBD: $0.11
    • CBD oil price range: $39.99–$164.99
  • Nu Leaf Naturals
    • Average cost per mg CBD: $0.12
    • CBD oil price range: $38.50–$439
  • Green Roads
    • Average cost per mg CBD: $0.14
    • CBD oil price range: $24–$350

Why Do People Pay So Much for CBD Products?

People pay so much because of the compound's many potential health benefits, of course. People get CBD products to help with all sorts of conditions and complications - inflammation and pain, anxiety and stress, and sleep quality. This is not a complete list, but it does include some of the most common reasons people rely on CBD products. Now let's take a closer look at what markers affect your CBD product’s price.

Factors That Affect CBD Prices

Factors That Affect CBD Prices

CBD products may seem like a pricey wellness supplement, but there’s a reason for that. Many extra production and quality control costs go into formulating a safe and potent CBD product that other dietary supplements do not need. Some factors that influence how much CBD products cost include:

Origin of the Plant

The origin of the plant used matters and accounts for a lot. The best, most trustworthy CBD companies source their hemp plants from private U.S farms. The new Farm Bill laws regulate standards for U.S. hemp farming, so nationally-grown hemp is the most trustworthy option for quality CBD products. Organically-grown hemp will cost manufacturers more as well, particularly USDA-certified organic hemp that is more expensive to grow.

Potency and Type of CBD Extract

While products with higher CBD concentrations are usually more expensive, they also have the best value and provide the most benefits. Similarly to purchasing paper towels in bulk to save money, you can get more for your money in the long run if you get a strong CBD product. It will last longer than less potent solutions.

Furthermore, the type of CBD product will affect the price as well. For example, a full-spectrum product may be pricier than a CBD isolate product that has gone through extra distillation and refinement processes to filter out undesirable compounds such as THC. THC-free formulas are a good alternative for anyone who needs to submit periodic drug tests, but full-spectrum products may deliver an entourage effect that may be more efficient in enhancing your overall health and provide more benefits.

Third-Party Independent Testing

Whether you’re getting your CBD oil online or in a store, the manufacturer must submit its products to a third-party lab testing. This process doesn't come cheap, and rigorous testing usually costs more (which leads to a more expensive final product). However, this independent testing provides definitive evidence of safety, quality, and transparency for the brand and its collections.

Added Ingredients

Some CBD products may carry premium ingredients such as USDA-certified organic oils or natural flavors that can raise the final product price. If you’re set on buying an organic CBD product, there is a good chance it might cost extra, but it may be worth it.

Know What You Are Getting

Purchase CBD Products

If you’re looking to purchase CBD products online, there are plenty of brands and products to choose from. Apart from tinctures, there's also the option of capsules, gummies, topical solutions, vape pens, lip balms, and so much more. You can also find bundles with the prefect combination of your favorite CBD products like MVP CBD Bundle, Beginner's Bundle or Athlete's bundle. there's also the option of capsules, gummies, topical solutions, vape pens, lip balms, and so much more.

With all this information to consider, the CBD space can seem like a complex and confusing marketplace with an overwhelming number of products and prices to sift through. However, many users are turning to CBD, and often use its health benefits as a way to justify the cost. This isn't wrong! If it works for you, then you got your money's worth.

So, if you're in the market for an organic product with a lot of positive reviews on its benefits, Flora CBD oil may be worth the small investment. And you can still shop for high-quality products without breaking the bank.


At Flora, we are deeply committed to providing the most reliable and affordable CBD products in the industry. Our values are rooted in transparency, safety, and quality, which is why all of our products are formulated with the purest organic ingredients and the safest manufacturing processes.

Whether you order our oils, gummies, or shisha, you can be sure you will be getting the best product available on the market today.