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How to Use Your Hookah?


A hookah is a device used for smoking tobacco or cannabis. If you’re interested in starting to consume your product of choice with a hookah, here is everything you want to know. From how to set it up to how to use it properly, here is the deal on a hookah.

What Is a Hookah?

Also known as a “qalyân” or a hookah pipe, a hookah is a device used for vaporizing flavored cannabis or tobacco – also known as shisha. Shisha is available in a wide range of CBD-infused flavors.

What is A Hookah

How to Setup Hookah

To use your hookah and maintain its lifespan, you’ll want to both use it correctly and care for it properly. Here is a step-by-step overview of what using a hookah device entails:

  1. Clean Hookah Device: Both after every use and before the next use, you should thoroughly clean your hookah device with water. Disconnect everything except the hoses, wash, and dry. Use a long, thin brush to clean the inside thoroughly. Before putting your hookah away, be sure all the parts have air-dried thoroughly.
  2. Pour in the Water: Before using, add about an inch-worth of ice-cold water to the bottom of the glass basin. Then connect your hoses and the shaft.
  3. Ensure an Airtight Seal: Before attempting to use your hookah with shisha, place one hand over the top of the device and inhale via the tube. If you are unable to take in any air, you have an airtight seal. If not, verify all parts of the hookah to fix the problem before moving on.
  4. Place the Shisha: Next, place the shisha on the small plate and cover the small bowl with aluminum foil. Once covered, poke tiny holes in it with a toothpick, put three pieces of burning coal on it, and set it atop of the device over the shisha.
  5. Inhale: Once warmed, inhale through the tube to begin vaporizing your flavored tobacco or CBD.

How Does Hookah Work?

If you want to properly use your hookah, you should probably understand more about how it really works. When you inhale through the tube, the heated coal lights the shisha and sends it down the main shaft. It enters the glass base to pass through the ice-cold water and cools off.

Next, the smoke moves through the tube to you. You inhale, and you are now smoking shisha with your hookah pipe.

How to Use Hookah

After setting up your hookah and smoking your CBD-infused shisha, you will want to remove each piece and wash it with soapy water. It is important to properly clean all removable parts as well as the glass basin. Otherwise, bacteria can develop inside the elements of the hookah pipe.

What Kind of Herb Can Be Smoked With a Hookah Device?

Generally, a hookah pipe is used to vaporize flavored tobacco or shisha. You can also use CBD-infused shisha – also known as cannabis – with the use of a hookah pipe. Flora CBD suggest CBD shisha in variety of flavors. We have pink lemonade shisha, mighty mint shisha, mango infused hemp shisha, just peachy cannabis shisha etc.

The Benefits of CBD-Infused Shisha Over Tobacco

CBD-infused shisha has several benefits over tobacco. For example, using a hookah device for tobacco still exposes users to tar and other carcinogens found in cigarettes. CBD-infused shisha also offers certain health benefits. Here are a few ways in which CBD shisha can benefit you:

  • Encourages relaxation
  • Helps users deal with stress
  • Can help treat insomnia
  • Maintains focus
  • Helps with joint pain and other chronic pain

Using Your Own Hookah Device

Using Your Own Hookah Device

Using a hookah that you own is often safer than using one in a public café. This way, you can ensure it is properly cleaned and maintained before you use it, minimizing the risk of contracting and infections.

Plus, you can turn to your hookah device to help you benefit from the positive effects of CBD-infused shisha in the comfort of your own home.

How to Repair Your Hookah

As with anything, your hookah may require some repairs from time to time to maintain its functionality. First, you’ll need to determine if your hookah needs repair or is being misused. For example, if you have too much or too little water in the basin, the hookah will not operate correctly.

If the water level is correct and all seals are airtight, there may be a need to repair your hookah if it still isn’t working properly. Here are some tips for repairing a malfunctioning hookah device:

  • Clean the purge valve. This is often a forgotten part of regular cleaning. If you clean it regularly, it shouldn’t be an issue. If you have not cleaned it and your hookah isn’t smoking properly, this may be the cause. Open the purge valve and clean it thoroughly.
  • Repair cracks. There may sometimes be tiny cracks that develop in the stem that may occur. If so, you’ll want to repair or replace the stem to ensure better smoking. You can repair the cracks with a sealant.
  • Remove old tobacco. Leaving residue of old tobacco behind may be the reason your hookah isn’t smoking properly. You’ll need to clean it out properly and use fresh shisha each time.

The Takeaway

CBD-infused shisha can help you with several minor ailments. For example, CBD has shown promising results in treating stress, chronic pain, and even insomnia. There are also other benefits to CBD. It can be used to treat acne, soothe muscular pain, arthritis, and inflammation.

CBD is still in the early stages of medical studies. To date, there has been no evidence that CBD is not safe when used in moderation at an appropriate dose. To determine the CBD dose that is right for you, meet with your physician. He or she can help you use CBD safely and most effectively.

Plus, your physician will verify your medical history to make sure you are a good candidate for CBD. If so, hookah is a safe way to take CBD-infused shisha. When used correctly and cleaned properly, a hookah device can last for several years. To get the best use out of your hookah pipe, use it carefully, clean it thoroughly, and always use fresh shisha to ensure the best quality results.

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