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CBD Dip vs. CBD Pouches: Which to Choose?


There are several reasons why someone would choose to use tobacco dip. Many turn to dip when they want to get the effects of nicotine but have their hands free, perhaps while working construction or in the field. Dip doesn’t require the tobacco user to hold onto a pipe or cigarette while getting the kick of a nicotine fix. However, with regular dip use, as with other tobacco products, addiction often follows.

Today, many people who want to get off tobacco dip can transition to CBD dip and avoid many of the dangers and health risks of tobacco dip.

Using CBD Instead of Tobacco

As we know, many people get hooked on smoking because they find the habit relaxing, as well as addictive. Well, smoke-free tobacco that’s chewed has many of the same risks as smoking. For more on the risks of smokeless tobacco, just head over to the American Cancer Society’s website.

You’ll be glad to know that CBD products are highly regarded for relaxation. In fact, in September 2021, Harvard Health reported that CBD may reduce anxiety, combined with helping to lower cravings for tobacco, alcohol, stimulants, and even heroin.

There are numerous reasons to kick the tobacco habit as soon as possible. The National Institute of Health reminds us that besides extremely addictive nicotine, there are as many as 30 carcinogenic chemicals in smokeless tobacco. Plus, chewing tobacco poses health risks in the form of blood clots and high blood pressure.

What Is CBD Dip?

CBD dip, which might be referred to as “weed dip,” “CBD chew,” or “cannabis chew” in slang, is a chewable, nicotine- and tobacco-free dip. While some dips are made with full-spectrum products, meaning they contain all the cannabinoids and terpenes in the original cannabis or hemp plant, don’t expect to find a concentrated THC dip to make you high. Because of this, you can rest assured that buying CBD products is legal in all states.

Instead, full-spectrum CBD dips provide the full array of compounds in hemp, like CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG, and yes, trace amounts of THC, but mainly the potential to benefit from results like deep feelings of relaxation, stress reduction, improved mood, and better sleep.

People use CBD hemp dip as a way to enjoy CBD’s effects because they find they don’t have the bitter taste of some CBD edibles. The effects of CBD dip may also be faster to realize than from edibles since the cannabinoids mix with saliva in the mouth and are absorbed sublingually.

If someone’s used to having a pouch of dip in their mouth, the sensation of having a pinch between the lower lip and the gum can be soothing and help people get past the tobacco dip withdrawal. Additionally, ​​CBD dip may help avoid chewing tobacco’s effects on taste and smell.

Another benefit is that when you use CBD dip, you don’t need to spit out your saliva as frequently as you do with tobacco dip. Tobacco dip users spit out the brown, nicotine-laced saliva frequently as they use dip, as swallowing it makes the user nauseous. There’s no need to spit as frequently with CBD dip because ingesting some of the saliva can help your body absorb the dip’s beneficial properties. 

Plus, reputable brands of CBD dip don’t include the dangerous pesticides, metals, and fiberglass that you may be ingesting with tobacco dips.

 Various Ways to Enjoy CBD Dip: Long Cut in Tins or CBD Pouches

 Various Ways to Enjoy CBD Dip: Long Cut in Tins or CBD Pouches

You may find hemp dip advertised as CBD pouches. CBD pouches effects are the same product as what’s sold as dip in tins without pouches, but the amount of dip is pre-measured and contained in single-serving portions. You may get fewer applications per tin.

The best CBD pouches would have the same ingredients as full-spectrum, CBD dip long cut formulations, which may save you a little money in the long run.

Look for GMO-free products that are third-party tested for purity and quality in any CBD dip, like Flora CBD dip

Full-Spectrum Long Cut CBD Dip Options

Variety is another thing you can look for when selecting your CBD dip. If you like the flavor, you are more likely to be satisfied with using it, especially if you’re looking for an alternative to tobacco dip. 

The dips from Flora CBD enjoy solid reviews for their flavor options. For example, many say the natural Wintergreen has an excellent minty kick or “burn” to it. For those switching over from regular tobacco dip, you may want to try Bourbon flavored dip. Southern Peach offers a slightly sweet taste and is a favorite of many. On the spicier side, both Cinnamon and Fuego offer variety to shake things up.

And if you can’t decide, just go with Flora’s CBDip Bundle and get one of each so that you can find your favorite. This option makes a good gift for the dip lover in your life, and when you or they find your preferred flavor, you have the option of getting a subscription of either 4, 8, or 12-packs, so you don’t run out.

The Takeaway

If you’re new to CBD in general and considering CBD dip to get away from the addictive and unhealthy habit of tobacco dip, you can learn more about CBD and different CBD products on Flora’s page, What Is CBD, and their comprehensive blog. Flora is a company that’s committed to transparency, accessibility, and education.

When you’re ready to order, find out how to place your order, what to expect with shipping, and get the answers to other questions you may have at the FAQs page. You can also find FAQs along with contact information on the company’s Contact Us page.