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How Should You Be Taking CBD?


CBD is becoming quite common in modern circles. Many people believe it has healing properties that can help everyday stressors such as anxiety and muscle tension. There are many ways it can be taken and many things it can be helpful for.

Because CBD is still just being introduced into mainstream culture, there’s a lot of confusion as to precisely what it is. One common misconception is that it can get you high or intoxicated — It actually cannot. In fact, it doesn’t even register on drug tests. It’s a natural healing compound with a lot of incredible benefits.

Best Way to Take CBD

If you’re wondering what the best way to take CBD oil is, there are several. You can eat it, drink it, swallow it, and even use it in external products. It really is an untapped gem.

CBD Oils

Some people think the best way to use CBD oil is to place it under your tongue. When you take CBD oil under the tongue, the impact of it can be felt almost immediately. You’ll just want to be cautious about where you purchase it from, as some sellers are more reliable than others.

Flora CBD offers CBD oil that is made with 100% all-natural hemp extracts. They pride themselves on producing an organic, high-quality formula. They don’t use any artificial ingredients or chemical substances. They even offer oils in a variety of strengths and flavors, including Natural Full Spectrum and
Orange Blossom Full Spectrum.

CBD Shisha

The term “shisha” might be unfamiliar to you. Don’t be intimidated by it, though. Shisha is what is used in Hookah bars. It doesn’t have any of the negative side effects that tobacco and nicotine do. Instead, it’s a 100% natural herb that contains amazing flavor and full-spectrum CBD hemp oil.

Shisha comes in many great flavors. You can choose the one that’s most appealing to you. There are several, including:

  • Blueberry Mint
  • Mega Mango
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Double Apple
  • Fizzy Bubble
  • Going Grape
  • Just Peachy
  • Mighty Mint

CBD Edibles

Taking CBD Edibles is convenient and enjoyable for many people. We’re already comfortable eating a vitamin or a small candy, so chewing a gummy whenever we feel like we need some CBD, is about as easy as it gets.

CBD Topicals

CBD Topicals are the perfect choice for someone who is dealing with muscle aches or physical injuries. For example, an athlete who’s been training too hard or perhaps someone who is just starting a new exercise regimen might benefit from the use of CBD while their body adapts.

A topical allows you to get to the root of the pain directly. The cream feels nice and smooth against your skin and comes in a pleasant neutral odor that won’t leave a residue. Both men and women can use a topical with ease.

CBD Smokable Flower

Smokable CBD

CBD Smokable Flower comes in a pre-rolled joint that is filled with natural ingredients, including CBD and full-spectrum flower. The joints are hand-crafted to make it as enjoyable and as effortless as possible. This means you can get the benefits of CBD without any of the fuss. For people who enjoy the act of smoking, this is a great way to go. The good thing is that using CBD helps quit smoking.

Best Time of Day to Take CBD Oil

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When you should take CBD oil or any other form of CBD is really up to you. It depends on what you're using it for and what your desired outcome is. There are benefits to taking it in the morning, but there are also benefits to taking it at night. You'll need to decide what works best for you.

In the Morning

Energy – Some people get a boost of energy when they use CBD. Taking it in the morning can feel as beneficial as having a nice cup of coffee when you first wake up.

Necessity – There are many people living with chronic pain. When they get up in the morning, their joints and muscles are stiff after a night of tossing and turning. Having CBD to turn to first thing in the morning could make their day far more bearable.

In the Evening

Convenience – A lot of people take things, such as medication, in the evening. They’re accustomed to taking their meds when they go to bed, as well as brushing their teeth, washing their face, etc. Adding CBD to that bedtime routine can be convenient. It ensures you won’t forget.

Relaxation – If CBD gives you a relaxing effect, then taking it at night can help calm your stress and help give you a good night’s sleep.