Using CBD for Weight Loss


People are turning to CBD oil in their search for more natural alternatives, frequently wondering if CBD can also help with weight loss. Read on to learn more about CBD weight loss findings that can help you decide for yourself whether you want to try. 

Common Therapeutic Goals for CBD Oil


CBD may have these benefits and be used for the following:

  • promoting feelings of ease 
  • natural pain relief
  • encouraging better sleep 
  • supporting heart health
  • helping brain wellness
  • maintaining focus and alertness

The Effects of CBD on Metabolism

Following studies done on marijuana and metabolism, researchers are interested in CBD’s possible effects on metabolism. Murray Mittleman, of the Harvard Medical School, has observed from studies that current marijuana users appear to have superior carbohydrate metabolism than that of non-users.

As noted by Healthline, preliminary research seems to indicate that CBD could reduce food intake and also boost metabolism. If this research stands up to more rigorous testing, it’s logical that CBD oil could promote weight loss.

Additional research is needed for scientists to understand the effects of CBD on the appetite. Currently, there are varied reports about how taking CBD products could affect the appetite. Variables, such as age, genetics, other medical conditions, and the type of CBD infused product used, whether it is Delta 8 CBD Gummies, hemp infused shisha or full spectrum wintergreen CBD dip, may affect CBD’s efficacy for this application.

Potential of Marijuana and CBD for Weight-Related Issues

You might wonder, does weed make you lose weight? Or does weed speed up your metabolism? And what about CBD? Does CBD increase appetite?

A 2013 study in The American Journal of Medicine observed nearly 600 men and women currently using marijuana. Compared with individuals who hadn’t ever used marijuana, participants who were current users were more likely to have smaller waistlines. The authors observed that people who use cannabis tend to eat more calories, but paradoxically, they tend to have lower BMIs (calculations of body mass index). There are possible medical marijuana and CBD weight-loss implications.

Which makes one wonders, does CBD make you hungry in the same way as marijuana?

As mentioned previously, CBD has thus far delivered inconsistent indications on how it influences one’s appetite. In one study, children with epilepsy were given CBD to see if it affected epilepsy symptoms. The authors of this study found that some children given CBD had increased appetites, while others had decreased appetites. Another study in the same article from Healthline showed that adults showed about a 6% increase in hunger when on CBD.

In a different take on the positive indications of CBD oil for weight loss, Medical News Today maintains that unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—the psychoactive component of cannabis—which may cause hunger, CBD does not. It’s explained that CBD might influence receptors to reduce appetite and prevent overeating.

CBD Products’ Potfvariaential for Transforming Body Fat

Medical News Today also shares results of research that investigated CBD’s role in the body’s interactions with fat composition. It cites researchers’ discovery that CBD may assist in converting “bad” white fat cells into healthier brown fat cells. If this is true, this would enable the body to burn more calories and indicate that CBD and weight loss are linked in a cause-and-effect manner.

It should be noted that white fat is dangerous because it can lead to chronic conditions, such as heart disease. Brown fat cells are believed to be more active cells, burning energy as heat, eating up calories in the process.

Selecting a CBD Oil to Try for Weight Loss

As it’s not certain that CBD is a definitive solution to weight loss, beware of any company that claims they have the best CBD oil for weight loss. If you do find CBD oil helps you control your appetite or seems to boost your metabolism, then the best CBD oil for your weight loss would be the one that you find most agreeable. Besides CBD helps to reduce anxiety and depression, which also promotes to gain weight.

Find a Reputable CBD Oil Brand

An excellent place to start your CBD journey is with Flora CBD Oils. Flora CBD products use the safest and most effective extraction methods known. Their conscientious manufacturing processes ensure their products are free of chemicals, pesticides, solvents, and harmful additives.

Flora CBD oils are full-spectrum oils, meaning unlike CBD isolate oils, they contain all of the natural compounds found in the hemp plant. These compounds are called cannabinoids, and their inclusion means that the CBD oil provides a wider range of benefits than products that contain only CBD isolate.

Flora CBD oils are potent, and they are also available in varying strengths, as well as two flavors. There are 1,000 mg strengths in natural and orange blossom flavors, 2,000 mg potencies, and even 3,000 mg strengths.

Takeaway: Some Considerations About Using CBD for Weight Loss

It’s too soon to know conclusively if marijuana and weight loss have a causal relationship or if CBD oil is effective for weight loss. As it is relatively safe, with few risks for side effects and has been shown to improve health in other ways, CBD for weight loss may be harmless to try, and if it gives you the motivation to commit to weight loss, you should certainly consider it. It certainly should be safer than taking drugs like amphetamines to control appetite or crash diets followed by almost inevitable binging.

Does CBD oil make you hungry? Your own experience is probably the best way to answer this.

One of the problems with trying a CBD oil weight loss strategy is that you cannot rely on the oil alone. Any weight loss plan needs to incorporate increased energy burn (exercise) and decreased calorie intake. Googling “weight loss Reddit” can put you in touch with many supportive online communities to help you sustain your progress. You can find stories of people who discovered that CBD oil and weight loss work together. CBD oil and weight loss Reddit topics are far and wide-ranging, and you won’t always know the veracity of the source.

Many online posts about CBD oil are very anecdotal, and responses vary; therefore, it may be simpler to use your own first-hand experience about how you react.

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